"I never dreamed how lucrative flipping houses could be until I read your book!
Now, I'm creating and "Flipping" Wellness Homes for my Nikken business and I couldn't be happier or more successful!" 

"I can't thank you enough!"

Amelia Glaser, Wellness Consultant Nikken
Roanoke, VA

"Amazing! A Real Estate Investing Guide with a conscience! My husband and I have since flipped our primary residence and now live mortgage-free on a golf course!"

M. Hayes
Brooklyn, NY

"For over 10 years I  was a manager for one of the largest telecommunications companies in the U.S. and after my unexpected layoff, I turned to real estate to make up my loss in salary. After reading Flipping Houses 101 I have since flipped one property and am about to flip my second-each bringing in a net profit of almost $100,000. Your coaching gave me the confidence to persevere ."

V. Roberts Real Estate Investor Red Bank, NJ

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What does the Bailout Mean To You and How Can You Cash In On Rock Bottom Real Estate Prices?

Real Estate is at an all time low and can be purchased for pennies on the dollar! The market will be back soon...especially since the bailout, when you will sell for profits--from modest to millions...only you can decide how crazy you want to go!

 Here's How To Turn Any Ordinary Income Into A Real Estate Empire...

"In 3 Months (or less) You Can Quickly and Easily Become A Mini Real Estate Tycoon...By Flipping Houses!"

Looking To Increase Your Net Worth?
This Guide Will Change the Way you look at Real Estate Investing Forever!


Flipping Houses 101

A Heads Up Guide To Finding, Buying, Fixing and Selling Houses for a Profit! 

Written and Photographed By: 

Meg Heart


Dear Friend,

How much is one good investment worth to your financial future?

If you are worried about the future...about increasing inflation...the constant threat of recession, and the factors that make for such a nervous economy, I have some ideas that you should seriously consider.

Suppose you could make an investment decision that you didn't have to worry about, that wouldn't bring in a measly 2-7% per year, but tens of thousands in just a few short weeks? 

Imagine...one good investment could bring you tons of hot leads and new homeowners, begging you to buy their homes, and even provide you with a constant stream of referrals. This way anytime you need more business- you simply turn the tap on... and make even more money in a business you've laid the groundwork for in just a few short days!

Sounds too good to be true?

Well, it isn't if you have the right system. You see, dollar-for-dollar, nothing provides a better return on investment than real estate and it doesn't matter when you buy it, just that you make educated decisions about where you buy it.

Stop Throwing Your Hard Earned Cash Away!

Think about it. Real Estate is the most powerful investment you could ever acquire. In the time it takes to stop for fast food you could have all the time you need to choose a piece of real estate--one that will relentlessly appreciate as you prepare it to be flipped.

Real Estate appreciates in value if you improve it...and sometimes even if you don't! It will never call in sick. It will never complain. And it will never quit on you. 

Simply put, a cleverly purchased real estate investment is like having a little automatic, money-making machine working for you, tirelessly...day and night.

But Finding That Winning Investment Is The Hard Part...

It could take you years and can cost you a small fortune to figure out just the right combinations of moves in the real estate game - while others fall flat on their face.

But instead of knocking yourself out trying to come up with a way to reinvent the wheel I walk you through the entire process step-by-step of profit-generating real estate investing ready for you, when you're ready to Take Action!-- 


"Flipping Houses 101" 

"A Heads Up Guide To Finding, Buying, Fixing and Selling Houses for a Profit!"

In just 3 months (or less) you can use this step-by-step guide to fulfill your dream of being a real estate entrepreneur who's set for life!

At Last! Every Burning Question You've Had About Real Estate Investing That Has Been Holding You Back Is Answered...

A few short years ago, I was suffering from "Not being able to get ahead syndrome..." coupled with the "Sick and tired of being sick and tired"?? (Whoever coined that one is a genius!) You know that feeling of hopelessness that makes you wonder why you get up every morning and continue doing what you are doing, the way you are doing it? Well, that was me in a nutshell...

A licensed REALTOR, working 7 days/week, 24/7, 4 seasons a year --up almost all night worrying about 100% Commission, Expenses, No Pension, No Retirement Benefits and in the lean years...the rising costs of Health Coverage...a few bucks here and there in cut-rate commissions, due to the lack of increasing consumer confidence.... and then one night it hit me!  


Afterall, isn't that what we ALL do in our day jobs?  We make the boss look good and the company look great all while we trade hours for dollars (or hours for pocket change in some cases...) 

I don't care who you work for! 

Unless you're working for yourself, you're working too hard.

So...I began thinking to myself...


(insert your comment here about how you thought all REALTORS were rich...)

 Whew! What the heck was I thinking???!!!

So, I decided that I should begin investing in Real Estate myself (other than my primary residence, that is...) You're probably saying to yourself...well, why didn't you do that all along?

Excellent question! Afterall, I supposedly had access to all of the "inside deals" at my fingertips...right? Ba-loney! You know as well as I do, that most of the time, by the time a property is listed and goes into the MLS, it's too late to get it at a bargain!

So... Do You Know Why I Didn't Invest In My Own Future For Years? 

Because I Was Afraid To Take The RISK!

I mean, think about it...if you only have ONE property and for some reason you have to "cut and run" because you've been laid off or worse,  you won't have a roof over your head anymore. You'd be left homeless Right? 

That's the REAL RISK!

Any financial advisor that's worth their salt will suggest that if you do nothing else, you need to "diversify your portfolio" (the fancy phrase for not putting all your eggs in one basket...) Right?

So, the more logical thing is to have investments that increase in value over time --even if it's a very short period of time--so that if you get into a bind before retirement, then you'll have something to fall back on...and if you don't have to sell it in a hurry, then you can fall back on your investments like a comfy bean bag chair? Whenever you want to! 

Or get rid of them quickly to take that luxury vacation you've always dreamed of but could never afford. The point is...


So! What did I do you ask!? Well, the first thing I did was I spent about $12,000 on seminars to find out everything I've known as a REALTOR for years---the math, the ads, the odds, the process---

If I'd have just listened to my inner strengths, I could've saved a boat load of cash for my investments. Yep, I could've had another property or two for what I spent going to class, but it was important to me to invest in my education...

And! I will have to say that I met some great people attending classes, learned some tips and tricks and brushed up on my organizational skills! I've since tested my ads, ran concurrent marketing strategies to generate leads, created a business name, incorporated, printed business materials, developed a website, etc...etc...etc....

So, did it all work? Of course not at first... Did I make a whole bunch of great investments! Heck yea! But did I NEED to do all of the work that I did? Heck no!


So am I! And I'll reveal how to run an ethical business with full-disclosure from the word go. I wouldn't have it any other way. I still help others find deals all day, every day with the MLS. 

What's in Flipping Houses 101... is how investors find deals  and how I am completely honest with my sellers about the fact that I'm a licensed agent.


If I had kept to the K.I.S.S. Principle: Keep It Simple Silly [don't like calling myself "stupid"... after all, I HAVE Succeeded!! ] I could've saved thousands in marketing dollars, time, energy and frustration. 

So now that you know how much I have invested in my future, will you have to drop that kind of money? Absolutely Not! I've done the legwork, from New York to Georgia, California to Ohio to Michigan and on, and on...and written checks all over the place to learn what I KNEW I could do!

 I just needed a step-by-step system to help me get up and get a move-on! So I created one for you called: "Flipping Houses 101" 

And now I'd be honored to share with you the path to "90 Days To Wealth" (one of my favorite chapters) which details one of my many successful investments Step-by-Step in this easy to read and Comprehensive Guide to Flipping Houses. 

I'll reveal how I rehabbed an old house and tripled the value of my investment in 3 short months---The full-color before and after photo gallery will amaze you!

It's all inside "Flipping Houses 101" 

(Or you can attend just one of the $12,000 worth of classes that I attended--OUCH!  As a matter of fact, I spent over $5,000 with one so-called marketing genius alone!)

 And get ready for a shock. This guide is fun and easy to read-crammed with useful information, tips and tricks and still remains to be humorous when you need it most!

161 pages you can finish in an afternoon, and be out looking for property the very next day! [Or the same day if you're an early riser!] 

What's more...if you follow what I did step-by-step, 

properties will begin looking for you!

You won't need to dress like a salesman,  in a stodgy old suit and tie or power jacket--   Can you say B-O-R-I-N-G?

Jeans and comfy shoes will be the order of the day while you lay the groundwork to becoming set for life! You'll be the coolest business person in the neighborhood--the envy of your friends and family---the smartest person you've ever met... when you...


* * *

No Cold Calling or Worries About the "Do Not Call" List!

How to get sellers to CALL YOU for just pennies!

And You Too, Can Use This Secret To Make Yourself a Fortune!

Don't waste tons of money on advertising...learn these tips and tricks to create a flood of business phone calls that are all pre-qualified leads.

Okay, Now I Hear You Grumbling:
"But I Can't Even Swing A Hammer" or "I'm Not Handy"

Actually, that's the beauty of this guide-You will discover how to purchase homes that may not even need fixing up-or one's that do but you can be completely "hands off" if you choose to. That's the beauty. How you run your business is your decision!

Run Your Own Real Estate Business-Hands On or Hands-Off!

Discover how you can flip properties while you keep your day job! Afterall, your responsibility is to your family and current situation first, so this may be the approach you decided to take. Either way, you'll be starting a whole new chapter in your life that's finally about your success!


Which Of These Real Estate Investing Topics Have You Been Dying to Know About?

Discover Why Flipping Houses is Such A Hot Topic!

How To Finance Rehabbing and Flipping Projects!

Avoid Worrying Where Your Next Paycheck Will Come From!

Insider Secrets To Finding Properties That Aren't For Sale

How to Avoid Traps and Pitfalls of New Investors

The Benefits of Creating "Cashflow" Through Real Estate

How To Rehab Houses "From Soup To Nuts"

How To Profit from Real Estate Rehabbing

How To Instantly Increase Your Net Worth with Real Estate

How to Cash in on Secret Real Estate Bargains!

   With Flipping Houses 101, you'll get all of these, plus a complete "before and after" photo gallery with Step-by-step details of one of my most recent projects so that you can see how an investment can progress from beginning to end in an in-depth look. Watch it go from questionable to financially lucrative and study the numbers with your own eyes. You will see, first hand, 'what to spend your money on' and 'what to leave alone'.

Okay, So What's The Cost For This Incredible Resource?

Well, realize that this book could easily be sold in the neighborhood of $1,500 in one of those crazy seminar classes that I told you about-- not including royalties. 

The research analysis and documentation alone took over 1,200 hours to prepare. Yep! It took me longer to write this book than it took me to fix up the house that's in it! 

So at a bare bones minimum you're getting of dollars worth of powerful insider tips at your disposal. 

Of course I'm not going to charge you anywhere near that amount or even my minimum project price. In fact, your total investment for finding the secrets to becoming a real estate entrepreneur in just days  is just $37.00 The money you'll earn as a result of these proven real estate investment practice can very easily pay you back thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars for  your meager investment.

So what's the catch? Why am I practically giving this information away?

Well, it's really quite simple. I'm not an advertising guru--I'm a real estate investor that wants to share some much needed information with another investment-information-starved individual like you, without the pains of attending overcrowded classrooms that string you along for more money each time you attend a weekend class. Hotels and gas alone can kill your budget!

This is an e-book...a digital product that you will be accessing directly from the Internet.  I have no inventory and no fulfillment costs. I don't need to pay anyone to take the orders over the phone or fill orders. This way I can pass along my cost savings to you. And you get the book instantly!

5 FREE Bonuses For Ordering By Midnight Tonight!

Bonus#1: As a special free bonus for acting immediately I'll also give you Must-Have Forms Toolbox: 5 Hard-To-Come-By Real Estate Forms You Should Never Be Without This is (a $19.95 value.)

Bonus#2: My Flipping Houses 101 Profit Worksheet. This pre-done spreadsheet gives you a powerful analysis tool for all your real estate projects. You simply enter in basic information like mortgage payments, repairs and maintenance -- then you can effortlessly perform the important analysis calculations for your profitability by summing up the columns -- instantly! This essential tool helps me prepare my taxes every year! ($9.95 value)

Bonus#3: P.T. Barnum's "Golden Rules Of Making Money" e-book-  21 Powerful and Timeless Insights Into the Art of Making Money from the Master of Entrepreneurs Himself! Discover the principles of making money in business. Have the courage to take the risk and command financial freedom! (A $19.95 value).

Surprise Gift #4: Will Save You Thousand$ and Hundred$ of Hour$ of Research and Education Cost$...Time is $$$....sorry... it's a Secret...Together these FREE bonuses are worth more than triple your investment in  "Flipping Houses 101" --and the Secret Gift? Well that's absolutely priceless...and they're all yours absolutely FREE when you order by midnight tonight. (Value: Priceless...you can't buy this anywhere)

Surprise Gift #5: And if you ACT NOW, you will receive our 5th Bonus:   a FREE 38-Page Report that explains in detail what to do when Selling the Assets you will soon acquire! Flipping Houses Tax Questions Answered and Much More! What's even better, is that this report gets updated each year! A Perfect Compliment to "Flipping Houses 101"...and it's yours FREE! (Value: Priceless...this report will give you business insight that you would otherwise never have )

  • Together these FREE bonuses are worth more than triple your investment in  "Flipping Houses 101" --and the Secret Gift? Well that's absolutely priceless...and they're all yours absolutely FREE when you order by midnight tonight.

    100% Risk-Free Guarantee:

    If you aren't 100% satisfied - I don't expect...or want...to keep your money. Simply send off a quick email to me and I'll happily refund your money in full. But even if you decide the book isn't for you - the free bonus gifts are yours to keep regardless, as a "thank you" gift from me. That means you can't lose no matter what!

    Is that fair or what? So you have nothing to lose.  I'm just here to share information with you that I so desperately needed when I was starting out as a new investor. As a matter of fact, the approaches that were out there, were way too sneaky and evil for my taste. Flipping Houses 101 takes an ethical approach to the entire process. Beginning to end.

    And look at it this way -- $37.00 is really a painless drop in the bucket compared to the money you're going to waste on ineffective purchases this year. That's why...

    You Really Can't Afford Not To Invest In

    "Flipping Houses 101"  NOW!  Because...

    It's not Going To Be "A Buyer's Market" Forever!

    You've seen the market "correct" before....

    This is what the "Big Dogs" call "Playing the Market"...

    It's just that Secret "Buy Low, Sell High" 

    Strategy that you really need to Learn!

    It's easy to get started right away. Just click the link below and you can have immediate access to all of the shortcuts I used to invest in real estate. Get your mind set, your confidence will lead you on!

     It couldn't be easier or faster. Get ready to create a flood of wealth!  

    To Your Brilliant Success!

    Meg Heart

    Claim Your Copy of "Flipping Houses 101" and 

    Become A Real Estate Entrepreneur Today!

    Order Now Through Our Secure Servers for Instant Access!


    Don't Delay...TAKE ACTION Today!



    PS- If you think this a guide full of fluff, think again. This is a completely documented case study written with the beginner in min, from the time I set my sights on the property, through point of purchase, research, the plan, the bids, the renovation, the costs, the exit strategies and a complete before and after photo tour. It concludes with the profit and proof!

    PPS- Better hurry! At this unheard of price to get my best kept flipping secrets, you better believe this offer will be gone in no time flat! In fact, there's only 365, 249, 218, 177, 124, 90 days left before we remove the offer!


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